Breakthrough TI BAW resonator technology creates new electronic heartbeat

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Every electronic system must have a heartbeat-a clock signal, which can help each component run perfectly synchronously.

For decades, designers have used quartz crystals to generate this electronic heartbeat. The crystal oscillates to achieve a precise rhythm. But when these expensive crystals wear out, they can jitter or jump, affecting the accuracy of timing.

Recently, Texas Instruments (TI) released two new core products based on bulk acoustic wave ( BAW, bulk acoustic wave ) resonator technology . These miniature timers are only 100 microns in size, smaller than the diameter of hair, but they run much faster than quartz crystals for better system performance.

With the advent of the era of 5G communications and big data, the speed of data transmission between global systems is accelerating, and high-precision clocks have become increasingly important.

From building automation to various applications in virtual health, new products based on TI BAW technology can fundamentally improve the performance of internal clocks and application running speed.

In the past, BAW resonator technology was often used to filter signals in communication technologies such as smart phones. For the first time in the industry, TI uses this technology for integrated clock functions.

No Quartz Required: Industry's First Crystalless Wireless MCU

Among the new products released by TI this time include the industry's first crystalless wireless microprocessor (MCU), which integrates a TI BAW resonator in a package. Design engineers can use this MCU to complete simpler and smaller designs, while improving performance and reducing costs. Accelerating time to market as designers eliminate the need to screen, calibrate, and assemble external quartz crystals.

Ray Upton, vice president of TI ’s Connected Microcontrollers business unit, said: “Using and analyzing large amounts of data to make accurate and informed decisions is a very important innovation capability. Wireless networks are at the core of this data migration. The ability of connected devices to connect to the last mile is a critical part of the data cycle. "

By 2022, spending on IoT applications is expected to increase from around $ 151 billion in 2018 to $ 1.2 trillion. This sharp increase indicates that IoT applications are penetrating deeply into various fields. 90% of executives at technology companies, media and telecommunications companies say that the Internet of Things is at the core of their business strategy.

Ray Upton said: "A major bottleneck in the promotion of IoT applications is the low level of integration, and crystal-free wireless technology can bring huge advantages to IoT applications."

TI ’s latest SimpleLink ™ multi-standard MCU with BAW technology can be integrated into low-power wireless RF devices, such as low-power crystalless Bluetooth and Zigbee® technology, thereby reducing wireless RF failures caused by external crystals.

Eliminating Clock Noise: Network Synchronizer Based on TI BAW Technology Reduces Digital Noise

Another product released by TI is a network synchronizer based on BAW technology, which is used with a quartz crystal to reduce digital noise or jitter. These noises and jitters usually come from the input signals of the communication subsystem of the wired or wireless hardware infrastructure in the data center core network. Eliminating noise will bring many advantages to telecommunication systems such as 5G networks.

Kim Wong, TI ’s vice president and general manager of the High-Speed Data and Clock Division, said: "The clocking requirements of future communications infrastructure will far exceed the performance of current quartz crystal resonators. By integrating TI BAW resonators directly into clocking equipment , We can achieve ultra-low jitter performance and flexibility to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of data pipelines in terms of anti-vibration and shock resistance during the transformation of communications. "

How micro timers work

TI BAW oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the piezoelectric effect to generate stable electronic signals through the mechanical resonance of a vibrating miniature acoustic wave resonator (BAW). This accurate high-frequency signal provides a clock and timing reference for electronic systems.

Products based on TI BAW technology can provide design engineers with several advantages:

· Smaller size. Integrated into the chip package, circuit designers do not need to install a separate clock device on the board.

· Lower energy consumption in most cases. Many IoT applications require fast turn-on of the clock system. Oscillators based on TI BAW technology wake up 100 times faster than quartz crystals.

· Less digital noise. TI network synchronizer chips provide better jitter performance than the best-performing devices on the market today.

· Cleaner clock. TI BAW resonator provides ultra-clean timing reference, which is very important for high-speed data transmission of hundreds of Gb per second. It can also be integrated into a radio frequency (RF) chip as a single-chip wireless solution.

Core influence

With the advent of 5G networks and next-generation communication technologies, many areas from business to healthcare, agriculture, and education will be affected by it.

Once the communications infrastructure is in place that can support the transmission of large amounts of data, businesses and governments will want to provide wireless coverage for point-to-point connections in the last mile, from objects communicating with each other in the warehouse to communicating smartphones, thermostats, heart rate monitors And many other devices.

"By changing the system design approach, our TI BAW resonator technology will pave the way for the next generation of industrial and communications applications," said Ray Upton.

Editor-in-chief: Gu Hongru
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